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Arandria Sticker by 9tailsfoxyfoxy


-commission prices >

- art trades are only for friends and/or loyal watchers who show their support by commenting and faving. Also Ill only accept a trade if I have 2 or less things "to do"

-Collabs note me if you wish to do a collab with me and I'll see if I'm up to it.

-Requests don't even bother asking. Straight up no.

Slots for Commissions

To Do
-art trade with cervidae (owestheirhalf)
--drawing for cas-anova

stuff others owe me
-remember to pay derek points for drawing when he finishes
-aveis half of trade

Ur Disgusting by sheples



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(Pokemon Nerds) What is your opinion on the Uber tier? 

8 deviants said I have no opinion on it actually.
7 deviants said Its too OP, its no fun
3 deviants said other? comment
2 deviants said It tends to be considered the hardest tier due to the amount of power being used in it.
2 deviants said What is the Uber tier? (pokemon too powerful to be OU, generally consists of legendary pokemon but also contains pokemon like mega khangaskhan and blaziken)
1 deviant said what are tiers? (levels of usage/power pokemon are classified into)
No deviants said I love it! Its my favorite tier!

About Me

amg photo 9tailsfoxyfoxy_zps7e44aa47.png

Arandria Avatar by Axel230Arandria Avatar by Axel230Arandria Avatar by Axel230

Hello anyone who wishes to read more about me (and are thus..reading this). My name is Bonnie, but here I am referred to as "Foxy" (and please feel free to call me so as well). I'm a 17 year old girl who is now completing her last year in High school. I have a hate and love relationship with art because its so taxing to make and I always feel like what I make isn't good enough. (unfortunately I have a bad habit of harshly judging myself which sometimes causes me to break down in the middle of creating sometimes) But that is why I am a learning artist and trying my best to imply what I've learned over the years into my art. Feel free to comment and tell me what I can improve on and such, I love criticism (and comments). I started getting more serious in art sometime around Middle school/beginning of High school (before it was just simply a hobby for me). I hope to one day be a professional artist and to truly have pride in my creations. I believe art is window into someone's heart and should be handled delicately when observing. All that art stuff aside, I myself am more of an introvert and may come off as blunt but I do try to be as honest as possible with people. I love making friends so don't be afraid to talk to me. Some interests I have are: video games (especially Pokemon), certain anime, horror stories and shows, music in general (except like country) and wildlife.
Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope you have a good day and enjoyed viewing my gallery. ^^

my partner in crime: :iconniflheimcrow:

favorite artists: Dezzoi, ProfessorPemzini, DavesPineapple, house89, Lhuin, synderen, bended, Digimitsu

people I know in real life: sephire25, MiracleMili, animaldeathnote, tiffegreen, wolfprancis2bet, UnboundExile

the cool kids: Puple-Chaos, DavesPineapple, Storm-Wolf48, house89, Nyyra, aevei, Chronopede, animaldeathnote, Rinermai, derek4444, Aurora8911, Whiluna, cas-anova, basseilupisvulpes, ZzNightmareGirlzZ, TaquitoJOE, Panderps, MutantParasiteX Sketchy-wolves smokespyDisoxyde
:iconchickenplz:Will Kill 4 Bill by NiflheimCrow:iconchickenplz:


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9tailsfoxyfoxy | animated by nnycto

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I love it ahh :> 
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Love your pokemon O.C <3. Was just playing alpha sapphire
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Deviantart really needs more ways to guide users to artist profile pages -- 
I nearly missed you while browsing through some misc animal art; I'm so happy I backtracked! It would have been a shame to miss out on watching you -- you're a very talented artist vuv 

I can't wait to see more of your work! 
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I'm not in the cool kids. i'm sad.

i want an art trade too ;3;
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finished c:
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